Rejected Vox Daily Email

By Margaret Jones | 10/24/16 6:02am


  • It’s Week Six, and yes, the Frat Ban is still very much a thing
  • Bill Clinton was here, but he’s not anymore
  •  Peak foliage is waning — get to Gile while you still can
  • Someone from “Grey’s Anatomy” decided to visit, and everyone needs to take it down about 150 notches
  • Around 31% of student runners in the CHaD 5K and Half-Marathon events were still intoxicated during the races


  • Daily reminder that Molly’s Bread is better than you will ever be
  • The construction is never going away, and soon we will be restricting entrances to Baker Berry exclusively to the side Orozco Mural Room door
  •  25 bikes were stolen last week.  THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM
  • KAF will be closing today at 2:30 pm and will probably never open again
  • Bees?
  • REGISTER NOW: How to Be a More Wholesome Student Workshop
  • Nominations open for 2016 Best Rush Profile Picture and 2016 Dumbest Rush Facebook Post Awards
  • For Sale: A Normal Sleep Schedule & Your Dignity. Contact 603-867-5309 for more details


  • Guest Speaker Ken Bone: The Defining Figure of Our Generation (Moore Auditorium, 5pm)
  •  TODAY: Photoshop Tutorial: edit your pictures to make yourself look good copy and paste
  • Panel on How to Cope with a Broken ID (Collis Common Ground, 4pm)
  • Dartmouth Club Curling B vs. University of North Dakota (Thompson Arena, 7pm)
  • Send the Flitz: Success Stories (Spaulding Auditorium, 6pm) CHOICES: Was it worth skipping my 9L to study for Orgo? (Carson L02, 3pm)
  • It’s Easy Being Green: Connect with Elphaba from Wicked / the Wizard of Oz and learn about what it truly means to be part of the Big Green (Kemeny 105, 6pm)
  •  Memorial Service for Raging (1769-2016) (The Frat Formally Known as AD, 1 am)
  • Sat & Sun: Hannah Montana Movie Watch Party at the HOP (8pm)
  • Facetime-y Activities Fair (Collis Common Ground, 3-7pm)
  • Listen to some Phunky Phresh Tunez at Novack when you go for your nightly 1 am snack break (Novack, 1am)

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Margaret Jones