By Dartmouth Staff | 9/21/16 9:35am

’20: points to FFB, “That floor is too quiet for me.”

’18 #1: “We’re leaving.”
’18 #2: “Where are we going?”
’18 #1: “I’m going to my bed. You’re going to…a bed.”

’18: “I want you to ride me in the most non-sexual way possible.”

’18: “You need to stop speaking in memes.”

’17: “Chivalry is dead! I can’t even enter the workforce because I’m too busy carrying my own boxes!”

’18: “Once I hear Drake my butt starts shaking, and I can’t stop.”

’20: “I heard one of the frats has a pig.”

’17: “Why do I need to write a 10-page research paper? I’ll never need to write more than, like, a one-page email.”

’17: “Remember when we confirmed our acceptance online and that blinking smiley face showed up? I immediately regretted my decision.”

Dartmouth Staff