Dartbeat’s Week One in Haikus

By Darthmouth Web Staff | 9/21/16 9:33am

Maya Poddar ’17:Who are all these kids
Wait, when do classes begin?
I feel old as hell

PJ Bigley ’17:Give me a job please
CPD says, “Senior Year –
No fear!” But that’s bull…

Tarika Narain ’17:How was your summer?
Oh my God hey how ARE you?
Let’s get lunch next week!

Lucy Tantum ’19:Some schools have a day
Just for syllabus-reading
We have five minutes

May Mansour ’18:Studying abroad
Rando from home sent dick pic
Feeling nostalgic

Grace Miller ’17:Senior year: Know no
One but feel superior
To everyone else

Margaret Jones ’19:No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

Darthmouth Web Staff