What You Googled This Week: Graduation Edition

By Lucy Tantum | 5/27/16 2:52am

If you’re a '16, graduation is probably on your mind whether you like it or not. And if you’re a ’19 like me, you’re still reeling from how fast this year has gone by. Regardless, many of you have questions about graduation, so naturally youturn to Google for advice and emotional support.

First you calculate how many days you have left at Dartmouth. Then you feel like you have no time and realize that '16s(or, if you’re a ’19, all other classes) have even fewer days left.


You check who this year’s commencement speaker is and realize that she's pretty cool.


Then, you start thinking about who your speaker will be and decide there is only one option: Mindy Kaling. You take a break to watch her show. (It’s for research, of course, so you can present your commencement speaker proposal to Hanlon.)


You haven’t found a job for the summer, but happen upon another way to make money: seat-saving. Butthen realize that you areat a disadvantage, since you are short and can’t save as many seats as a tall person.


You realize that you’ll need to say goodbye to the seniors pretty soon. They’ll still come visit for Homecoming, though, right?


But at the end of the day, you have endless admiration for them for making it through four whole years of #rigor here.

Lucy Tantum