By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 5/4/16 6:57am

’18 on the phone:"You should ask grandma if she can make you some sick edibles."

’18:"Sometimes I’m afraid to ask questions because they know I’m stupid but they don’t know I’m that stupid."

’19: “I’m getting a test for Celiac’s this week… this might be the last beer of my life.”

’18:"I like clothing choices that emphasize that I’m unique but also like, not poor."

Alumnus:"The journal I edited in law school was totally b-side."

’19 to prospie:"I’m from California, and we drive everywhere there, so when I came here I have to actually walk to get food so I eat more to account for the calories I burn walking to get food from my dorm."

Man #1:"Did you charter a private plane the entire way?"
Man #2:"No, just from Johannesburg to the safari."

Chemistry prof:"The answer is 66%, which is above the median on our last exam, so not bad."

’18 on his first crush:"She was the reason I got a MySpace."

’18 on his EARS major crush:"I want him to love me as much as he loves rocks."

’19:"Is Psi U basically the KKG of frats?"

’19 #1:"SAE is an ‘animal house’ frat."
’19 #2:"I know a lot of guys outside of Psi U but I don’t know them like inside Psi U."

The Dartmouth Web Staff