By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 5/18/16 1:45pm

’18:"Oh my god, that pisses me off so much I think I might have to make a Facebook post about it."

’16:"I have no interest in indoor sex anymore."

Prospie’s dad loudly narrating his son’s entrance into Baker:"Future Dartmouth student walking in!"

Girl #1 in KAF line:"I did the entire Dartmouth Seven literally in one night."
Girl #2:"You should graduate with honors."

Psych prof:"If you get overweight, you can get body fat."

’16 #1:"You think it would be possible to shotgun a keg if you found someone strong enough?"
’16 #2:"Yeah, it’s called a keg stand."

’16:"The best head starts in the ankles."

Overheard in Foco:"I’m hungrier than a child in Somalia."

’17:"When you say 'gov,' I hear 'wannabe history.'"

The Dartmouth Web Staff