What You Googled This Week: Tax Day Edition

By Fiona Ewing | 4/18/16 10:41am

Tax day is officially upon us! You were so relieved to hear that this year, taxes weren’t due on April 15. That’s right—in the adult world, if you beg hard enough, you can still get three-day extensions.

Actually, it turns out that this year Emancipation Day fell on Saturday, April 16, but was observed in D.C. on April 15. If you came across this while filing your taxes, your Google search history probably looked a little something like this:

Once you figured out when your taxes were due, you were ready to start working on them. Then you realized that when it comes to filing taxes, you actually have no idea where to begin (even though you’re an econ major…)


You finally figure it out (after calling your mom). Speaking of parents, the question of whether or not “someone else can claim you as a dependent” brings a new tidal wave of fear and existential panic.


You get so frustrated that you begin to consider not filing your taxes at all.


Luckily, you sort it all out in the end (after calling your mom again). And there’s nothing left to do now but wait for your tax return.


All screenshots courtesy of Fiona Ewing for The Dartmouth.

Fiona Ewing