By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/27/16 5:21am

Student on FFB: “Do they make Band-Aids for dogs?”

’17: “I just lifted up my shirt to look at my boobs.”

’19: “I had to listen to a Prince song in class today, so I guess my day’s not going that well either.”

’17: “I hate the male race.”

’17: “Did you know that baby carrots are just big carrots but chiseled down?”

’18: “It’s refreshing like a bite of salad after a lot of red meat.”

Alumnus child to father: “Daddy, I heard you used to pee on the walls.”
Alumnus: *chortles* “Well there were troughs in my day.”

’17: “I ate 26 mozz sticks this Friday.”

’18: “What’s up with you?”
’16: “Contemplating taking a freshman to semi so basically I’m at rock bottom.”

’16: “I just took my bra off on FFB. I give literally no shits anymore. SWUG level: infinity.”

’17: “He kinda looks like a salamander, but in a sexy way.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff