By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/6/16 7:25am

’18 to T.J.Maxx employee: “Do you have a crop top section?”

’16 at gym: “Hey, when will you be done using the leg press machine?” Non-student: “Not sure. I just do this until I can’t feel my legs anymore.”

’18: “Why is everything in Novack a little bit moist?”

’16: “Is there a fourth floor of Berry?”

Science Scholars info session leader: “My high school mascot was actually Satan.”

’18: “The '20s won’t even live in Russell Sage or know what AD is! Not one of them will ever eat a vomlet! WTF is the point of coming to Dartmouth?”

’16: “Today I was closing extra internet tabs. One was 'requirements for PhD application' and the other was ‘how to remove Cheetos dust from stuffed animals.’”

’18: “I wish I had a relationship to justify the amount of chocolate I just ate.”

’18 abroad: “Is there anything more Dartmouth than the fact that we’re going to a bar called ‘Dow Jones’ tonight?”

Comparative Lit Prof: “If you’re having trouble in the sack, I suggest you find yourself a fetish.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff