Missed Connections: Dartmouth Edition

By Lucy Tantum | 4/26/16 5:25am

Dartmouth is a small school. Odds are, if you don’t know someone personally, you’ve at least seen them around campus. Maybe there’s a guy you’ve had two classes with but never talked to, or a girl who is always at KAF at the same time. If you ever finally met each other, what would you say? Here are some hypothetical messages, inspired by the Missed Connections forum on Craigslist, that you might write to one of those ever-present yet always elusive classmates:

“I pass by you every morning on the way to and from my 10. I’ve never spoken to you, and we sometimes make accidental eye contact, but you seem cool. Can we be friends?”

“During finals last term, you studied in the 3FB carrel next to me for a day. But every time I glanced over, you were reading Yik Yak on your phone, with nothing but a piece of blank notebook paper in front of you. I hope your finals went okay.”

“Last week in Sanborn, you were listening to music and your headphones were slightly unplugged, so everyone could hear it. You were listening to ‘Did I’ by Kehlani. I wasn’t annoyed that I could hear it, because I love Kehlani.”

“I was behind you in line for Collis stir fry yesterday. You ordered both meats, no veggies and like three sauces. Does that actually taste good?”

“I played pong against you one time at Sig Ep. You were wearing an animal-patterned onesie, a straw hat and leg warmers. I never had a chance to ask you what theme you were dressed up for, and honestly, I’m still wondering.”

“You were my trippee. During Trips, you single-handedly ate two family-size boxes of Annie’s Mac. I haven’t seen you since then. Where did you go?”

“I was in periodicals writing a paper very late one night, and you were the only other person there. Though we never spoke, I think we were supporting each other emotionally. If I see you in periodicals again, I’ll buy you KAF to thank you.”

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Lucy Tantum