6 Ways to Stand Out at Sorority Pre-Rush Events

By Anna Staropoli | 4/22/16 5:14am

You’re wearing your nametag, your springiest sundress and your most poised fake smile. You’re thinking to yourself, I’ve got this, I’m going to make my mark. But as you bounce from sister to sister, you are suddenly struck with the realization that you aren’t exactly distinguishing yourself as a particularly memorable Sperry-wearing, econ-major, cool potential new member. So before you converse with the sisters, take a look at our suggestions on how to ensure they actually remember your name.

1) Wear flair.

2) Show off your sorority knowledge.

3) Ask about the stereotypes and stories you’ve heard.

4) Show you’re in high demand.

5) Reference every sorority movie you’ve ever seen.

6) Make jokes.

Anna Staropoli