Week One Innocence as Told by an Instagram Pug

By Anna Staropoli | 3/31/16 7:08am

It’s week 1 and you have new textbooks, fresh syllabi and (hopefully) minimal laundry. After two weeks of relaxation (read: simultaneously watching Netflix and Snapchats of your friends’ exotic vacations), you’re ready for spring term. And so far, so good! One week down, and you can barely remember what it’s like to be stressed.


The work hasn’t set in yet so you decide to reach out to those forgotten GroupMe chats. How ‘bout a trip reunion? Isn’t it time for a get-together with your freshman floor? Say, shouldn’t you organize a lunch date with those people you met that one night, whose phone numbers you forgot you even had? Go for it! Week 1 is the time for #squadgoals.


And since your workload is so manageable right now, you may even stop by that basketball game you’ve been meaning to go to. Wait — basketball season is over? No problem. Soccer? Football? Squash? Something has to be in season. You vow to attend one of every sporting event this term. Hey, you’ve got nothing but time!


Your energy level right now is unbelievable. There’s no way you’ll ever revert back to anything less than eight hours of sleep. And you’ll always wake up in time for breakfast. You’re keeping up with it this week, so how hard can it be during midterm season (aka week 3)?


And since you're so good at thinking ahead, you decide to plana Lou’s brunch. Save some DBA that you’ll inevitably need week 10. Delicious andfiscally responsible!


You actually put effort into getting ready for class. The good impression you make now will hopefully roll over when it’s week 7 and you’re wondering how many days is too many to go without washing your hair.


Maybe you explore Hanover. There has to be one store you haven’t visitedyet. New term, new town!


You even go to the gym! Springbreak may be over, but it’s never too late to get that beachbod you promised yourself.


Or how about some relaxation? You take a long, leisurely shower in a very relaxing communal bathroom. Or you skip the shower and opt for a Chi Gam bath with a bottle of MDF-approved wine. Either one works.


You attend the first meetings for those clubs you thought you’d stick with last term. This time you actually follow through on all the listservs! You promise yourself to finally get involved with the DOC and read those blitzes about climbing/hiking/other outdoorsy activities that you didn’t even know existed. You’re going to be so crunchy!


All in all, your social life is at its peak right now. College is living up to all its hype, and you can't help but scream "Go Big Green!" every time a tour group walks by.You build camaraderie with your classmates, DDS workers and even the creepy floormate you’ve never spoken to but almost missed over spring break.This bond will strengthen throughout the term, especially when post-week 1 reality strikes and you have nothing but eachother to hold onto.


Anna Staropoli