Spring Break: Expectations Versus Reality

By Lucy Tantum | 3/28/16 9:49am

How was your spring break? Maybe you spent the past two weeks vacationing in some tropical destination, Instagramming your #squadgoals and your fresh tan lines. Or maybe you went home, where you scrolled through the aforementioned Instagram posts while waiting for Netflix to auto-play the next “House of Cards” episode. If this spring break did not live up to your expectations (like season four of “House of Cards”), don’t give up yet — there's always summer, when “Orange is the New Black” comes out.

Expectation: I’ll finally be able to escape the Hanover winter, and maybe I’ll even get a little tan!
Reality: Apparently it rains in California now? Thanks, El Niño.

Expectation: Break will be a great time to catch up on sleep.
Reality: I’ll just stay up for one more "Grey’s Anatomy" episode…or three.

Expectation: The term is over, so I won’t have any work to do!
Reality: Time to do those lengthy internship applications that I put off for the entire term.

Expectation: It’ll be great to get a break from DDS and try those fancy restaurants I keep seeing on Instagram.
Reality: When you can’t use DBA to pay for that four-dollar coffee, it seems a lot more expensive.

Expectation: I’ll have plenty of time to see friends and get my life together.
Reality: Wait, 16S is already here?!

Lucy Tantum