By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 3/30/16 12:04pm

'17:"Can you like borrow a baby? I just want to borrow one for an hour and then return it."

’16: “Yesterday somebody asked me to take the stairs to 3FB and I laughed in their face.”

19: “Don’t koalas have, like, chlamydia?”

’18 on free Yerba drinks at Hop: “That’s the problem with vague words when wielded by hippies.This is some bullshit in a bottle.”

Guy in One Wheelock:"I've never been here before. Is this, like, an art studio?"

’16:"I’m as shallow as a spilled, four-dollar Molly’s margarita.” ’18: “At least you can get drunk off that.”

Abroad at a hostel: “If I went to an Ivy League I’d definitely want to go to Middlebury.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff