How Dartbeat Feels About Week 9: GroupMe Haikus

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 3/4/16 7:29am

Margaret Jones ’19:
No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

PJ Bigley ’17:
Kill me kill me please
Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
Kill me kill me please

Joseph Regan ’19:
Move on 1 too hard
What the fuck is 2 asking
Fuck me back to 1

Lucy Tantum ’19:
Dinner at Novack
But not the vending machine
That will be next week

Lauren Budd ’18:
I hate rocks for jocks
This is not a layup class
Be warned, stay away

Sam Forstner ’18:
Week 9 is grim. But
At least now I’m a member
Of Allen House. Yay.

Tarika Narain ’17:
KAF line out the door
Someone get me caffeine pills
Where is my dealer?

Josh Koenig ’16:
Interviews should be
A good thing, but here I am
Missing all the class

Grace Miller ’17:
Line at office hours
Longer than line on table
Sudikoff: A-side

Annette Denekas ’18:
Week 9 is the best!
My life could not be better!
Happy Founders Day!

I’d recommend some
Reverse psychology to
Help the misery

Sam Forstner ’18:
Week 9. I’d rather
Just hid my head against a
Wall repeatedly.

May Mansour ’18:
Wrote in the GroupMe
Need one for happiness, friends
Like new phone who dis

Katelyn Rea ’19:
Week 9 is not fine.
Novack dinners are dismal.
But so is my life.

Joe Kind ’16:
What light at the end
Of the tunnel, you may ask?
Check your Hinman box

Lauren Budd ’18:
One voice crying out.
It is me. I am screaming
When will death take me?

Long ago I raged.
Hanging myself with house swag
Is my current mood.

Luke McCann ’16:
If you give Dartbeat
A haiku, you will see just
How fucked up we are.

Lucy Tantum ’19:
Welcome to Dartbeat
Our haikus are aggressive
But we’re nice, promise!

The Dartmouth Web Staff