16 Reasons Why Spring Term is Better Than Winter Term

By Fiona Ewing | 3/29/16 11:41am

Unless you’ve come back from studying abroad in New Zealand (or, like me, returned from your off term genuinely thinking Foco had switched to disposable plates and utensils when you ate there Sunday…), you’re excited to be back on campus for what’s to be an awesome term. Or, at least a term not as bad as the last one. Let’s face it: most of us could not wait to put the winter behind us. And in a battle of winter term versus spring term, spring always wins:

1. On your walk to class, instead of hearing, “It’s freezing balls!” you hear, “It’s rainy as f***.”
2. Sun’s out, guns out (hopefully soon?).
3. Your best friend/hookup/crush/all of the above is on campus again. Let the fun begin.
4. You can study outside, hang by the river and go on a nice weekend hike. Or you can at least look outside and think how great it would be to do those things, if only you weren’t busy catching up on the latest episode of "Game of Thrones."
5. Green Key > Winter Carnival.
6. In the spring, getting dressed is just an overall better experience. Some of us will embrace the chance to finally wear more than Bean Boots, while others will feel relieved that their wardrobe can now be simplified to a single pair of boat shoes.
7. The end is in sight. Whether that be graduation or the summer trip you’ve planned with your crew, there’s finally a tiny glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.
8. In the same vein, the '16s will soon be gone. Is thisgood, you ask? Well, it at least makes for a better spring term. Hear me out: for the '16s you love, the prospect of never seeing them again is reason to have lots of good times. And for the '16s you hate, well, the prospect of never seeing them again just makes you feel better.
9. Spring term (or the end of it, at least) means a few weeks ofactually seeing people lay on the Green. Frisbee, anyone?
10. While earlier terms this year have been a bit divisive, this spring term brings plenty of opportunities for us to come together, like being united in ourdisgusthappiness over the Green Key concert lineup.
11. We can finally start riding bikes to class again, instead of silently envying the guy skiing across the Green.
12. If you were on an off term in the winter (and unlike me, didn’t live with your parents for four months – thanks, Mom!), you don’t have to pay rent anymore. Now the only money you have to budget is your DBA (but why is it already disappearing so quickly?!).
13. And ifyou’re back on campus, you no longer have to suffer extreme FOMO every time you see a funny GroupMe message (or shame when you like said message from 1,000 miles away).
14. You make memories during spring term that you’ll actually reminiscence about later on. The horror of winter term iscushioned by memories of spring sunrikes and Green Key, and we manage to continue on as if winter never even happened.
15. In the fall, you’re expected to think “new school year, new me.” At the start of winter term, you’re expected to think “new year, new me.” But there’s no such expectation coming into spring,so embrace the freedom to just relax and continue being your shitty self.
16. Now that it’s warmer outside, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your fracket. Then again, we are all about to embrace our shittiness, so this could really go either way.

Fiona Ewing