By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/19/16 7:00am

’18: "Justin Trudeau is slowly making me gay."

’19: "Yeah, I’m too lazy to find a Valentine’s Day pic for Instagram, so my girlfriend is sending me options to choose from."

’19: "I was so hammered on Friday. I woke up Saturday morning with sand in my shoes and was so fucking confused."

Guy in FFB on course election: "I’m about to go full granola and take three environmental science classes."

’16: "I’m Asian in that I like eating dumplings when I’m sad but that’s really it."

’17: "AD getting derecognized has done wonders for my sex life."

Girl #1 in Collis: "Screw DDS, am I right?"
Girl #2: "You’re not original."

’16 in Foco: "I decided [name redacted] was hot freshman year, and by senior year everybody thought so."

Girl in KAF: "So yeah, basically I’m dating three guys in rotation right now."
Guy: "Well you are definitely going to have to pick one, you know."
Girl: "Yeah, I think I’m going to choose the one with the private plane. He let me drive it once."

’16: "I saw my girlfriend’s hair and intellectually I saw it was long but in my head I was like, ‘that hair is short.’"

’19 on FFB: "Has Coachella become super mainstream now? Because I definitely don’t want to go if it has."

The Dartmouth Web Staff