By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/5/16 6:45am

’18 #1: “I wish I had Beta all day.”’18 #2:"You mean you wish you had Beta all night."

’18: “I think it was a personality type thing. I’m an ENFJ, she’s a B-*-*-*-*.”

Alum: “Poor O’Malley. I mean, he’s such a good looking guy! How can he not be president?”

’16: “It’s okay that I’m having high quality sex with low quality people."

’17 Girl: “My entire life is one long walk of shame.”

’16 #1: “Everyone who studied philosophy is a f***boy. It’s just a bunch of straight white guys talking."’16 #2: “Well, I can’t tell if my professor is straight, but he’s definitely a f***boy.”

’18: “Have you noticed the improvement in my posture? It’s because I lead with my pelvis.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff