Dartmouth in Graphs

By Emma Chiu | 2/23/16 8:00am

When someone says "graphs," the first thing that comes to mind is probably plotting lab results and analyzing Econ trends for class. Let’s be honest, the only graph at Dartmouth that actually relates to your own life is the Dartmouth X. But there are so many other important aspects of Dartmouth culture that deserve to be plotted, and fortunately, Dartbeat has come up with a few graphs of our own:

The Dartmouth X 2.0

Dartmouth X

“I’m never going to be an Econ major,” they said. “Okay, maybe a few intro classes…” By sophomore summer, your friends have roped you in and you add yourself to the endless tally of Dartmouth Econ majors. Why the decline in Pre-Med? One word: Orgo.

EBAs vs Alcohol Consumption


Whenever someone says “EBAs really isn’t that good,” we interpret that as “I am the one percent that eats EBAs while sober.” We all know that it’s not the greatest pizza in the world, but the 2 a.m. drunchies always manage to convince us otherwise.

Academic Rigor vs DDS

This graph is basically proof that correlation equals causation. We’re pretty sure @fruitofthefoco will back us up on this one.

GroupMe Pie Chart


#RIP productive GroupMe conversations.

FFB vs Productivity

When you have your laptop laid out on first floor Berry and you feel so facetimey and rigorous—minus the rigor. Trust me, you could spend a whole hour on FFB without getting a single sentence written.

All I Do Is Wait, Wait, Wait No Matter What: A Bar Graph

Waiting more than five minutes for something might as well be an eternity at Dartmouth. Don’t believe us? Check out our list of 50 things you could do while waiting at the Hanover stop light.

Ivy League Douchiness: A Scatter Plot


@RestOfIvyLeague: Please stop pretending you’re Sam Smith when singing into your phone. And stop searching for someone at an entirely different school to Netflix and chill with you.

Walking Through Baker With My Woes: A Venn Diagram

Woes Venn Diagram

We’ve all been there—the seconds just before submitting an essay when your laptop suddenly explodes on third floor Berry. Or there’s a campus-wide blackout. Or Dartmouth Secure completely shits the bed. Or you literally shit the bed because #nobodysperfect.

All graphs courtesy of Emma Chiu for The Dartmouth

Emma Chiu