Alternative, Alternative Social Spaces

By Lauren Budd | 2/25/16 1:11pm

So the Greek system isn't for you. Maybe you’re a wee freshman who took one sniff of a sticky, eau-de-stale-Keystone basement and decided you would never set foot in one again. Maybe you’re a bitter senior who is “so over” the scene (or who just got bumped off line by an underclassman). Maybe your pledge new member class is starting to annoy you more than your actual siblings at home ever could. Regardless, you have set your sights away from Webster Avenue and are searching for an alternative social outlet, something to do on Friday nights so you can stop lying to your friends about why you’re not going out ("I’m sick." "The Zika virus finally caught up to me." "I have a really big paper." "I’m dead.")

So you turn to the multitude of alternative social spaces and find that they don’t strike your fancy either. Fear not! Dartbeat has compiled a list of alternative, alternative social spaces—for all you chasers of scenes. We think you'll find there's something for everyone:

Alternative Social Space: Sarner Underground
Why you need a change:
You were told this is a place for people to hang out and dance, but there’s never anyone there to party with! Word on the street is that campus dance groups like SHEBA use this space to rehearse, but we all know you can't keep up with them.
Alternative, Alternative Social Space: That weird grassy lawn next to Sarner behind Psi U and TDX. Get down with everyone who gets turned away from a dance party! The combination of ice and mud will make it that much easier to drop it low.

Alternative Social Space: 8-Ball Hall
Why you need a change: The name is too awkward to say out loud, so you just avoid it altogether. "Hey gang, let’s all go down to 8-Ball Hall!"
Alternative, Alternative Social Space:Collis Market. Snacks, second-rate school supplies and NyQuil all in one place? Turn up! This space is so new you can create your own traditions as you see fit. Try the Topside Challenge: How much can you charge your parents before you get an angry phone call? Too fun!

Alternative Social Space: Russell Sage Rage Cage
Why you need a change: Excuse me, you don’t. Ever since the six-week frat ban was instated, this has become an essential component of the freshman experience.
Alternative, Alternative Social Space: If you must, just go upstairs and start knocking on doors. It won’t take long to find a generous freshman dude trying way too hard to impress you. Score free alcohol, snap some cute pics in front of their super cool Kate Upton poster and remind yourself why sometimes, the passage of time is a good thing.

Alternative Social Space: Collis After Dark
Why you need a change:You wouldn’t be caught dead roller-skating and the movie of the week is "Minions" (2015).
Alternative, Alternative Social Space:The Collis bathroom! With options for all genders, grab some tenders and set up camp. Go ahead, this is the place to have those deep late night conversations. You get to talk about your feelings and everyone actually trying to pee gets to eavesdrop.

Alternative Social Space: BarHop
Why you need a change: Sometimes those über specific themes just ask too much of you.
Alternative, Alternative Social Space: The Hinman line. There’s never a shortage of people, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch someone picking up the dildo they ordered.

Alternative Social Space: One Wheelock
Why you need a change: Either you are sick of indie duos consisting of Cute Guitar Girl and Beardy McHipster, or you feel so compelled to take the free mug every time that your room is overflowing with them and you’re having trouble finding room to sleep comfortably.
Alternative, Alternative Social Space: East Wheelock. In Dartmouth’s most intellectual living space, you’re sure to find enlightening and engaging conversation around every corner! Best of all, you can still get free stuff as long as the room is unlocked and the resident is asleep. Find out which of your friends can leave with the coolest piece of knowledge or the sickest dorm swag!

Lauren Budd