By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 1/28/16 7:36am

’17 #1: “Are you doing math?”’17 #2: “No, I’m doing conspiracy theories.”

’17 male: “Damn, I wish I was a freshman.”

’17 male: “I used to lift a couple years ago. I tried to get started then realized I didn’t actually care to get strong, I just wanted to look good. So now I lift for the aesthetics. I know it’s douchy, but ya know what, the ladies love it.”

’18: "Is London broil an animal?"

’18 on winter:"Surprisingly warm, not really a fan."

'19: "I got that email such a long time ago…like yesterday.”

’19 checking weather forecast: “Winter is like basically over.”

Student in Collis: After two years of friendship, why do you still refer to me as 'the Asian one?!'"

The Dartmouth Web Staff