By You | 11/13/15 6:15am

‘17: "I haven't danced topless since senior year of high school. But I'm from LA so that was totally normal."

Student at Clinton event: "Yeah, I went to Exeter, so I have a lot of experience with campaigns."

Woman at Clinton event: "In my opinion, there has never been a white male who doesn't cheat on his wife."
’18 talking about his student organization: “They are the coup. We're the rightful rulers. We're the Royal House of Stuart and they're the usurpers.”

'19 facetiming family in FFB: "Mom, did you see I made a LinkedIn?"

Student in Novack: “Do guys like you more if you're good at pong?"

‘16 at Christie event: "I can't wait to hear him lie to my face. Jeb can fix it."