By You | 10/23/15 9:34am

Foco worker after the Cabot ran out: "Of course they send me on my break when all the cheese is gone!"

’18: "I mean someone has to marry him. I guess I'll marry him.”

’19: "I need a chastity belt. So I can be like, 'No, not today, TDX!'"
’18: “Did you see that one ’19 with the ass that just would not quit? I don't mean it was attractive, I mean she just refused to put it away.”

’18: “There’s just something so sexy about a tree dude who can kill orcs…”
’18: “Using another orc as a bat!”

’16 at Canoe Club: "I knew this place was classy as soon as I saw the toilet paper."

’19: "Hablo Espanol mejor cuando estoy borracha."

’18: “Honestly, the threesome I had was just a huge confidence booster.”

’18: “I feel like being unaffiliated is a bit like being uncircumcised. First people are repulsed, then they're a little intrigued.”

’19: "Bro, every time I see this girl I just wanna protect and cuddle her. I don't even know her. Something ‘bout her face."

Student in Novack: “I’m really overwhelmed by this apple.”