By You | 10/16/15 9:14am

Visitor, looking at Homecoming bonfire: “It seems a little cultish.”

'16: “Biting into a cold croissant is like finding out that Santa Claus isn't real...for the second time.”

'16, about speaking Portuguese: “My uncle's new trophy wife is from Brazil.”

'16: “I like my body to be entirely touched by fabric in a weirdly specific way.”
'16: “I love cheese and quince paste. It's a classic combination.”

'16 (trying to protect her strawberries): “No, I don't trust these bitches!”

’16 at KAF: *orders an Americano*
Person in line: “What’s an Americano?”
KAF Barista: “It’s just coffee with hot water in it”
Person in line: “Why the hell would anyone order that?”

’17: "I did 20 lines of coding right before class."
’16: “You did 20 lines of coke and didn’t invite me?”
’17: "Dude what is wrong with you?"

From the Collis kitchen: "Rise sex Panther."

’16: “If I ever take a banking job, they’ll find my body 14days later in a hole I dug in the back of my cubicle.”

’19: “You pretty much have to go into banking just to pay off these KAF tabs"

’19: “Are you missing your amygdala?”

’16 stumbling down frat row: “Which way is Mecca?”