By You | 5/22/15 3:54am

'18: "I've built a pillow fort in a McLaughlin common room and I'm not coming out."

’16: “I never stay out until 2 anymore. I feel like that’s just for freshmen and pledges.”

’16: “I can’t tell if I’m actually sick or if I just haven’t had my coffee yet.”

’15 1, referring to Green Key Saturday: “I passed out on a toilet in Kemeny.”
’15 2: “At least that’s a pretty clean toilet!”

’17: “Do you think Collis Steve would agree to be my formal date?”

’18: “I don’t have breakdowns a lot, but when I do they’re almost always induced by LinkedIn.”

’18: “I mean it’s cool your prospie is coming, but I haven’t seen you this excited since the Scottish independence referendum.”