By You | 5/15/15 7:13am

’16, about Friendsy: “I set it up to make it look like my friends set it up for me so I have plausible deniability.”

’15, on what graduation really feels like: “Iit’s like there will be a big party, and I’ll be there in a stupid hat”

’18: “Taking me to your room? Aggressive. Playing pong then taking me to your room? Okay!”

’16: “I booted this morning, and I’m not quite sure if it was the Mad Dog or the E. Coli.”

Student: “Yeah, I’m headed to the soft alcohol store in West Leb to pick up a few handles of wine for the weekend.”

Sig Ep '15: "Pop punk isn't about pong. It's about love."

'15: "I think I'm about 104% Slytherin, but my math gets kind of iffy when I drink."

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