How Basic Is Your Major?

By Parker Richards, The Dartmouth Staff | 5/1/15 1:15pm

It’s important to realize that your major is probably really, really basic. Like, really basic. It’s actually hard for me to express how basic your major almost definitely is. Each year, most students major in just a handful of things –economics, government, psychology, history, and English are the usual culprits – leaving those few other majors feeling, well, less than special. But here’s the thing: Those are majors are special, because the rest of you are basic. Like, super basic.
Without further ado, here is just how basic your major is:

  1. Comparative Literature

the worst

  1. Engineering

they’re basic

  1. Anything with the word “modified” in it

  1. Spanish

  1. Computer Science

The Social Network Silicon Valley

  1. Economics


  1. Biology (and pre-meds generally)

  1. English

  1. Government

  1. Psychology

Parker Richards, The Dartmouth Staff