11 Rejected Snapchat Geofilters for Dartmouth

By Kate Hildreth | 5/28/15 11:57am

We’ve come to know and love the “Dear Old Dartmouth” Keggy geofilter, but what about those lesser-known places and faces that weren’t approved? Here are Dartbeat’s 11 rejected geofilter ideas.
1. Phil Hanlon’s mustache. Because let’s be real, we all want to try it on for size.

2. Phil’s lawn. A spin on the Seven, snap story with Phil’s face #challengeaccepted

3. DroCo. Enough said

4. TOGA. A laurel wreath would look fabulous on any head.

5. #COLLEGE. Phil personally wrote to Snapchat asking them to ban this one. #MDF

6. 50-Yard Line. Just a giant “D,” you know what it do.

7. Winter Carnival Statue 2K14. Random dragon’s head or Carnival of Thrones? You decide.

8. Robert Frost statue. What’s up R Frost?

9. Orozco mural of human sacrifice. We love you, Orozco

10. Orozco’s mustache. Almost as nice as Phil’s!

11. BEMA. ;)

Kate Hildreth