FoCo Joe: The FoCo Superbowl

By Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff | 2/3/15 1:38pm

I have a confession to make: I did not watch the Superbowl this weekend, and I am still using it as a pun for the title of this week’s column. In my defense, literally my two least favorite athletic teams in the world were playing against one another, and the pun is pretty good. Still, I apologize to my avid readers.

Here’s what I did — in basic terms — to create my first healthy dessert of 15W : the “FoCo Superbowl”

Step 1: Scoop plain Greek Yogurt into a bowl. Aim for your scoop to be about the size of an iPhone 4S —iPhone 6+ is pushing it, and nobody cares about the iPhone 5.

Step 2: Using a separate plate, select about eight pieces of fruits. This selection is up to you, but keep in mind the color of the chosen fruit, as this will be essential for your final creation. I recommend cantaloupe and honeydew, but the choice is yours.

Step 3: Before returning to your seat and finishing your preparation, head over to the granola station in between the FoCo dessert stations and sprinkle a healthy pinch of granola on top of your yogurt scoop. You should use just enough granola to cover the entire surface of the yogurt, with a tad extra to be safe. Tread carefully here, though. Too much granola will make for a gross combination if your fruit is watery, and some of the granola on offer is not actually that healthy for you.

Step 4: Now that you have all the ingredients you need, take the time to prepare your bowl by lining the fruit around its edges —strictly for presentation purposes. If you’re with a friend, show off your plating. If you’re eating alone, show off to yourself by asking yourself, in your head, how good what you just made looks. Answer: it looks great!

Step 5: Sample a small scoop (one piece of fruit and its associated granola and yogurt) to see if the dessert is sweet enough for your tastes. If it is not, the honey located by the coffee and tea is a good additional ingredient. Remember: a little honey goes a long way!

Step 6: Enjoy!

In the spirit of the Superbowl and athletic achievement, I hope you use this dessert to help break your bad habits! But if that doesn’t work, well then just wait until next week when I return with the exact opposite of this column —a “Sinful Superbowl.” Because let’s face it, it’s not FoCo Joe if we’re not working in some FoCo Cookies.

Happy Carnival!

Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff