From the Archives: The Best of Dartmouth Overheards 2006-2014

| 1/28/15 12:06pm

As many of our readers already know, Dartbeat has recently taken on the hefty responsibility of compiling Dartmouth Overheards each week. So, with midterms looming far too near in our futures and the Nor’easter dipping temperatures, we’ve decided to bring some joy to campus by digging back into the archives to find some of the best Dartmouth Overheard’s The Dartmouth has published since 2006. Don’t forget to check Dartbeat each Friday for campus’s latest Overheards, and all week for exciting online content!

’18 (on the Saturday after Halloween)

’16: That’s not the first time I ate a whole diaper, but it’s the last time I’ll eat one with my eyes closed.

'14: I was icing my ankle with a bottle of vodka when I realized I should probably reevaluate my life.

’18: We went into all of the frats and there was nobody there! '17: Did you go to the basements? ’18: They have basements?!

Govt. Prof.: You all look a little beleaguered today. But you know? One boots, and then one rallies.


’17 (after H-Croo breaks into song and dance at Trips safety talk)

Govt. Prof: If I assaulted someone —God forbid, but I’m stronger than I look so it wouldn’t be out of the question —I wouldn’t violate anyone’s constitutional rights.

’16: I haven’t been drunk since January. Except for February. I mean March.



’13: It’s a wizards and sluts party. I don’t know which to dress up as! Moaning Myrtle?


’13 #1: ’13 #2:

Dartmouth Mom: A rubik’s cube party? Is that where you guys get together and see who can do it the fastest?

’11: I’ll be working in Ghana next year with the Peace Corps. ’14: Really?! ’11 (laughing): No, I’m doing investment banking.


’13 #1: ’13 #2: ’13 #1:

’11: If we don’t get a lesbian during rush this year I will cry.



’10 #1: She had a baby? I didn’t even know she was pregnant. ’10 #2: Yeah, the D-Plan is great for hiding pregnancies.


’12 [leaving Activities Fair]:

’09: Are you guys familiar with the term “Blitz out?” ’12: Yeah, it means to just go crazy, right?

Prospie [on a cell phone outside Thayer]: I think they’re at someone’s house. She’s named Katie E., I think?

’10: Lunch tomorrow at Collis after 10As? ’11: Sure. I’d say I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity to eat in a female-dominated social space.




’06 #1: ’06 #2: ’06 #1

’09: “So you are really of a different nationality?” ’07: “Actually Idaho is a state, not a nation …”