FoCo Joe: Red Velvet Cookie Layered Cake

By Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff | 1/27/15 3:23pm

Bow down to red velvet. Today in FoCo arrived a delicious new dessert option, perched alongside the pies, pastries, muffins, brownies, crumbles and countless other baked goods of yore. Red velvet — cake, to be specific. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to do something with it, but what can be done to augment the FoCo treat that already has everything? How does one honorably transform an already heavy dessert flavor like red velvet? Undoubtedly, this task is especially difficult when the red velvet is in cake form. Thus, I faced a challenge for my column this week.

Ultimately, I decided that the gooiness of the cookies, warm or cold, was too good to pass up as a filter. Week in Review, here I come again!

Step 1: Place a piece of red velvet cake on a small plate and slice it length-wise into thirds. I recommend keeping the cake on its side, as opposed to in an upright position, since the slices can be hard to control if standing.

Step 2: On another small plate, grab two FoCo cookies. It does not matter how warm they are, since their final impact will be minimal on the dessert.

Step 3: Slice your cookies into halves.

Step 4: Take the halves and begin to stuff them into the crevices you created in the red velvet cake. No more than one cookie should be needed to fill each crevice, but this step may require some more assembly —if the halves do not fit easily into the crevices, try squishing the cookies down or gently separating the thirds of the cake.

Step 5: With a fork (or a spoon, depending on how you roll), dig in to your creation!

Before I conclude, I must admit that this is a dessert best shared with friends. Personally, at least while I am in season, I would never choose to eat this dessert alone given its sheer caloric overload. In fact, I would suggest anywhere between two to five people as the ideal crowd for this creation —and regardless of whether you have one forkful or the whole plate, this dessert is by no means healthy. Do you recall when I stuffed a cookie into a piece of cake? Yes, that happened.

Check back sometime soon for a healthy dessert, and good luck on midterms everyone!

Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff