A Guide to the Best Proposal Spots On Campus

By Caroline Berens | 11/10/14 5:00am

Have you ever looked around campus and, after seeing the mountains, trees and endless vests, noticed an oddly high number of couples at Dartmouth? Despite the College’s famed hookup culture, I sure see a lot of happy couples around holding hands. This may be due to Dartmouth’s rumored 40-percent marriage rate between graduates — although other sources say it’s only 10 percent. Regardless, that means that between one and four out of every 10 students will marry another Dartmouth grad, and that means lots of them will be proposing to their significant others on our very campus. So here’s a guide to help you find the best place to do so:

The Tower Room

Rumor has it that a few weeks ago there actually WAS a marriage proposal in the Tower Room. This makes perfect sense — as one of the most historic and beautiful rooms on campus, with its grand architecture, romantic lighting and Dartmouth green chairs, it’s the perfect place for such an important and pivotal life event. The only problem is, you might have to whisper the actual proposal.

The Green

The Green is quintessential Dartmouth and, in many cases, the site of some of your most memorable experiences here. It’s where you ran around the bonfire at Homecoming, had your first snowball fight at midnight and graduated with your class. It’s also stunningly beautiful at nearly all times of the year, whether covered in snow or surrounded by foliage-rich trees, with its clear view of Dartmouth Hall and the mountains beyond. But fair warning: if you decide to propose in the winter, be careful. Slipping on ice when you’re about to get on one knee could dampen the special moment.

Molly’s Restaurant

Every Dartmouth couple has been on at least one date to Molly’s. It’s reliable, dependable, has a wide variety of food and — let’s be honest — there aren’t many restaurants in Hanover to choose from. Maybe it was even the site of your first date. Kind of traditional, but hey, what would Dartmouth be without traditions?

The Connecticut River

This site is another one that’s largely weather-dependent, but it’s still very romantic, especially at sunset. With its peaceful seclusion and stunning views of the River and mountains, it would surely be a memorable and scenic place to propose. It’s especially perfect for couples who were affiliated with one of the crew teams or the Ledyard Canoe Club.

You Choose!

Don’t be afraid to propose somewhere unconventional or random — whether it be a frat basement, the stacks or even FoCo — if it has significance in your relationship. It’s the thought that counts, and even if you’re kneeling in a puddle of beer, it’s sure to be a moment you’ll always cherish.

Caroline Berens