Ivy Charm School

By Vero Davis | 11/14/14 4:00am

Have you seen one of these pictures around? It’s just one of several sarcastic and thought-provoking prints put together by Julia Plevin ’09. Her prints combine original snapshots from Dartmouth in the 1970s with phrases that echo the current campus culture.

Plevin started the series her senior year during her first art class at Dartmouth. A history major, Plevin came across the images while doing research and decided to incorporate them into her art class. Before she knew it, her friends had started requesting copies, which sparked her idea to sell them online.

As you can see, all of the prints include women. Plevin chose these photos because to her, Dartmouth still felt like an “old boys’ school” when she attended, and she hoped to both celebrate and call attention to the female experience at Dartmouth.

“Dartmouth is so deep with tradition and history,” Plevin said. “A lot of things change over time, but some things — like the cold weather — are forever.”

Plevin finds that her prints resonate with graduates before her, yet are still relevant today.

Check out Julia’s website here and buy prints, totes or mugs here.

All photos courtesy of Julia Plevin.


Vero Davis