Dartmouth Admissions: Part Two

By Grace Miller and The Dartmouth Staff | 10/10/14 4:30am

PSA: This article is not about getting into college, but rather about getting into shenanigans. The title is merely a clever pun.

My Dartmouth Admission: I’m turning into my parents on Facebook. After the first edition of Dartmouth Admissions was posted last week, I felt like a proud mother and posted a status about it. I haven’t posted a status since my friend hacked my account in middle school and posted “I’m making a fine minestrone soup!” My Facebook friends’ reactions varied from excited to uninterested to unwilling to even click the link. Luckily, my editors (and my parents!) were excited about it, so Dartmouth Admissions is back!


For those just tuning in, Dartmouth Admissions is when I stand in front McNutt for an hour every weekand desperately try to get strangers to “admit” terribly embarrassing things to me while I simultaneously attempt to avoid getting yelled at by tour guides. I give people the relief of finally admitting to that unfortunate decision last weekend or that time they peed their pants during show and tell (or in class last week).

If you’re interested in being featured in future Dartmouth Admissions pieces, feel free to blitz me at grace.a.miller.17@dartmouth.edu and I’d be happy to post your admission or take your photo. Additionally, if you see a tall girl holding giant pieces of paper outside McNutt PLEASE stop by and volunteer your admission!

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Wondering why all the links are sloths? Because I recently wasted an hour looking up sloths, which is why I make poor life decisions and then feel like this.

All photos by Grace Miller, The Dartmouth Staff.

Grace Miller

The Dartmouth Staff