Dartmouth Admissions

By Grace Miller and The Dartmouth Staff | 10/3/14 7:00am

We’ve all had that feeling, whether it’s the morning after a night out, a mistake on the first day of class that makes you never want to return or falling all over yourself on the ice(so excited for 15W!) Embarrassment, a true friend that has always been there for me.

The only thing worse than doing the embarrassing thing is reliving it time after time whenever you see someone around campus. Cue “OMG I heard what happened last weekend that’s soooo funny!” Is it though? Honestly, I’ve found the best thing to do is to embrace it and go on the offensive. “Did you hear that I fell off my chair in class yesterday? Did you see me drop a full cup of coffee in KAF yesterday? Did you know I am wearing all my clothes inside out right now?” I think if everyone at Dartmouth did this, the campus would be a happier place.


That’s why I’ve started Dartmouth Admissions. No, I am not overthrowing the admissions office (although I do love the thought of ’19s stressfully looking for application information and finding my article), but I am creating a space for people to admit to their embarrassing moments (though some chose to simply share the story and not their face). It’s Dartmouth Admissions.

All photos by Grace Miller, The Dartmouth Staff.

Grace Miller

The Dartmouth Staff