Dartbeat Asks: Why is it important for college students to vote?

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 11/6/12 4:36am

Courtesy of maconcountytn.com
"While you may consider your vote inconsequential, choosing not to vote in the first elections in which you are able to could easily only establish an attitude of ambivalence toward politics in the future. It's easy to become disillusioned with and discouraged by the political process, but opting to distance yourself from it only sacrifices your ability to influence a path of reform." Emma Moley '15

"College students should vote because they are independent citizens. American politics has an influence over their lives, and it is their right and privilege to vote." Jiyoung Song '16

"It's important for college students to vote because we are the people who will be most directly affected in the long-term by the decisions of current politicians. In regards to the last election as well as this one, more college students are exercising their right to vote. We need to set the example for the voters of tomorrow." Jessica Zischke '16

"As some of the youngest constituents in the voting population, it is essential for college students to express their political beliefs and take part in directing the country's future for the next four years." Alexandra Johnson '15

"People around our age have this negative stigma that we don't do enough to influence the course of our future, despite being quite vocal about some of the societal processes that have occurred in the last four years. Voting is a way to take back some of the personal power that can all too easily be lost in a world where idealism and the ability to dream take a back seat to some of our deepest fears. We ought to be enthusiastic about reflecting what is important to us, and then going out and achieving it or taking a stance on it, as opposed to just conforming to or passively accepting external indicators and expectations, and allowing them to determine our lives." Andrew Pham '15

The Dartmouth Web Staff