How to beat the Hanover heat

By Katherine Armstrong | 6/26/12 5:54pm

What do you do when it's 97 degrees outside, humid and you're late for your 12 in the Life Sciences Center? Trick question — you're lying in your air-conditioned room. Thank goodness for the recent cool streak, but gird your loins, because the heat will be back. Jokes aside, if you want to know what to do when it's as miserably hot out as it has been on campus recently, read on.

Avoid Collis like the plague when it's burning up outside because that measly old fan does nothing but blow your dress up in your face. How embarrassing. Newer classrooms in the Rockefeller Center and Kemeny are air-conditioned, but I can't speak to Dartmouth Hall (though I've heard rumors that its central air is as old as its wooden 1769 chairs). When in doubt, jump in the river.

Obviously the library is nice and chilly, but what do you do when you just can't work a trip to an air-conditioned haven into your schedule? You dress properly! And by that I mean in your birthday suit. Come on, if some of us do it, others will catch on. If you aren't that adventurous, you can always walk around in swim trunks and no shirt if you're a dude or a swimsuit and a light cover up if you're a girl.

Rainbow flip flops are a must, but be careful — when these obnoxious summer rain storms start gushing water, you'll slide all over the place. Backpacks make your back sweat so carry a tote or nothing — come on, it's 12X and the professors in your lay-up classes give you notes anyway. On a final note, don't worry about being an unfortunate genetic mutant who doesn't tan. Wearing jeans to cover up those vampire pale legs just isn't worth it. Welcome to summer at Dartmouth, everyone

Katherine Armstrong