Reboot & Rally: Cocktail Flow

By Chad Hollis, The Dartmouth Staff | 1/27/12 11:30am

If you’ve ever hosted a party, you’ll know that the most important task for a host is to ensure that all of your guests have the proper amount of libations. Although Dartmouth is probably theKeystone Light capital of the world, its students occasionally venture away from the grimmer side of beer. If you’re like me and you love playingmixologist, you’ll love the Cocktail Flow by Distinction LTD app for your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Cocktail Flow is a beautiful app that teaches you that all alcoholic drinks don’t have to taste like the bottom of an acidic mop bucket. There are two versions of the app — the free version is available on alliOS devicesand Android phones, and there is a paid version available exclusively onAndroid Tablets. Each version has the same basic layout, but you will get more drink recipes with the paid version.

The visuals on the app are simply stunning. Every HD image appears sharp and vibrant on any display. Instead of simply showing the ingredients, Cocktail flow gives a detailed, step-by-step process on making the perfect drink. It even shows you a picture of all the ingredients as well as an image of how the final drink is supposed to look like. To make your drinks even more impressive, Cocktail Flow tells you the perfect garnish to top of your drink with.

My favorite feature of the app is the “My Bar” section. Using the easy display, you can select all the different ingredients you can get your hands on. After selecting from the large list of liquors and mixers, the app will generate every single known drink that you can make with what’s in your room. This is the perfect tool to use when you have a lot to drink but you’re unsure of what you can make. I made my firstBlue Hawaii) using this app, and I do not regret my decision.

Additionally, you can browse the app’s cocktail database to find the perfect drink. If you’re trying to throw a party where everyone wears red (nudge nuge, wink wink Phi Delt), you can search the database for every single red cocktail. If you’re throwing a Christmas party, you can browse from a selection of Christmas-themed drinks. Basically, the possibilities are endless.

After playing around with this app, I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. Although I could have saved three bucks and purchased the standard edition, I wanted to explore every single possible drink recipe. The premium pack comes with holiday-themed drinks that are sure to impress all of my future party guests.

If you’re looking for something fun to make or a cheap way to get rid of all the alcohol in your room, Cocktail Flow is the right app for you.

Chad Hollis, The Dartmouth Staff