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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Frat ban extends to Nov. 1, new policy made permanent

The Greek Leadership Council voted to make the frat ban extend until Nov. 1 this year, pushing the date back for logistical and safety considerations.

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The Greek Leadership Council has voted to extend the Greek First-Year Safety and Risk Reduction Policy, commonly known as the frat ban, from week seven of fall term in prior years to Nov. 1 — the Wednesday of week eight — this year according to a campus-wide email from the Council. 

“From the first day of the return of Trip ‘Section A’ through noon on the Wednesday after Homecoming weekend, or noon on the Wednesday following Halloween, whichever is later, no Greek organization may allow first-year students to attend events at which alcohol is served,” the GLC stated. “Furthermore, during this time, first-year students are only allowed in the physical plants of Greek organizations at GLC-approved events.”

The GLC piloted the extension last year for logistical and risk management challenges posed by both Homecoming weekend and Halloween weekend, exacerbated at a time when many Greek chapters had just recruited new members. Initially, the frat ban for the Class of 2026 was set to end on Oct. 31. The GLC announced a 24-hour extension, citing logistical challenges from Homecoming weekend and Halloween festivities. The frat ban lifted at 12 p.m. on Nov. 1. 

The extension will be made permanent, the email added.

“This extension allows time for alumni to depart following Homecoming and also gives chapters the opportunity to fully update their risk procedures after big weekends with new members, and prepare themselves to welcome ’27s into a safe and enjoyable environment,” the email stated. 

According to the GLC’s email, the permanent extension will also create “less ambiguity” in the final date of the policy, which had caused confusion among students in the past. 

“Since we extended the Greek First Year Safety and Risk Reduction Policy (‘frat ban’) last year as well, we decided to make the extension we piloted permanent,” the email noted.