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April 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note

2023-09-19 19.45.36.jpg

I wrote my first article for The Dartmouth during freshman winter. In a reflection on COVID-19, I assembled a messy concoction of words that required multiple rounds of initial editing before it could even qualify as something that had the “potential to be published.” How cocky I felt before hitting send on the submission email to my editor — how ashamed I felt to receive the “the writer seems to be using this as his own personal diary” comment. It feels odd now to be writing an Editors’ Note for the same section in which I once felt like a failure. But change can happen in the span of a few moments, even ones that appear so distant but feel so close and connected, as if that article with a lengthy chain of red marks stared up at me only yesterday. 

On Sunday, Omala and I introduced a new cohort of writers — most of whom are in the Class of 2027 —  to Mirror. We impressed upon them the chance to be creative, to write articles and reflections that explore deep, personal issues that affect themselves and the students around them. That will remain my hope for them through both articles showered in red and those that shower the writer with praise. 

This week at Mirror, we continue to place the student at the heart of our stories. One writer investigates the successes and challenges of “The A9,” a new allergen-free station at the Class of 1953 Commons. Another writer explores the relationship between the Hanover bar scene and students, while a third reflects on the concept of “home” during their term abroad in London. Finally, a photographer shares moments from the summer in a stunning array of captured photos. 

You may be a senior who feels as though you just stepped off the Dartmouth Coach for the first time or a freshman who actually did just step off the Dartmouth Coach for the first time. Whatever the case, we hope the words in this issue of Mirror reflect a part of your experience.