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March 4, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Letter from the Editors

This week’s Verbum Ultimum will re-publish today after it was published due to an error and taken down earlier this afternoon.

This morning, The Dartmouth published this week’s Verbum Ultimum, an opinion piece written by the editor-in-chief, executive editors, opinion editors and opinion staff columnists. This week’s Verbum Ultimum was intended to be published tomorrow. However, due to an error, it was published at 12 p.m. today and remained on the website for a few minutes until it was taken down to correct this error. We have decided to re-publish the Verbum Ultimum today for full transparency. We did not edit the piece between the time it was taken down and the time it was re-published, and we apologize for the mistake. 

- Editor-in-Chief Kristin Chapman ’24, news executive editors Daniel Modesto ’24 and Elle Muller ’24, production executive editor Arielle Feuerstein ’24, Opinion editors Kami Arabian ’24 and Thomas Lane ’24 and Opinion staff columnist Thomas de Wolff ’24