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March 3, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note


Here we are. Week 10: The final stretch. Boy, it’s scary. At the end of every term and academic year, we find ourselves wondering how time has managed to just slip away. The unpredictability of spring term weather is a factor. April showers and wintery gusts of wind linger until Week 5, and then suddenly the sun comes out and summer is right around the corner. May is marked by wanting to live in the soreness in your limbs from standing so long at the Green Key concert, to the gentle chill of late night walks home from the library during finals season, and the creamy texture of IC4U ice cream that you’ve drowned in sprinkles. Now, we try to memorize the people whose smiles and laughs have made this year so meaningful. 

In this academic year’s final edition of Mirror, we chronicle seniors’ style evolutions during their time at Dartmouth, as well as the new experiences that Green Key weekend brought for many students. In a series of “Through the Looking Glass” senior reflections, we showcase seniors’ final words as Dartmouth undergraduates: the religious revelations they have had, their dynamic relationship with the College, four years of outdoor adventures, the hardest of goodbyes and one Jack-O-Lantern editor’s time as Keggy the Keg. 

The end of the school year is always weird — the ambiguity of goodbyes, stress of final papers, and drunken buzz of formals or last minute games of pong. Although you might not see your friends for the forthcoming months, here at Mirror we remind you that it’s never really goodbye, it’s always see you later.   

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