Mirror Asks: Start of Spring Edition

Want to find inspiration for your next date in Hanover? Need a new spring anthem? Been dying to try a different smoothie at Collis, but don’t know what to choose? Look no further than this week’s Mirror Asks.

by The Mirror Staff | 4/12/23 2:05am

by Sophie Bailey / The Dartmouth Senior Staff

What is at the top of your 23S bucket list? 

Tyler Amell-Angst ’26: Have fun.

Tess Bowler ’25: People watching on Collis Patio. 

Kaija Celestin ’25: Hanging out on the green. 

Marius DeMartino ’25: Doing the Big Fatty’s Challenge in White River Junction.

Kevin Guo ’26: Improving my mile time. 

Selin Hos ’25: Hammocking with friends!

Meghan Powers ’23: Dipping once a week. 

Maria Proulx ’26: To run through a wildflower meadow with my friends.

Omala Snyder ’24: Sunriking. 

Emily Wadlow ’26: Rock climbing outside!

Caris White ’23: Hiking Smarts and Mt. Cube once the trails are thawed.

What is your spring anthem? 

TAA: Fireball by Pitbull.

TB: Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield. 

KC: Tongue Tied by Grouplove. 

MD: SORRY NOT SORRY by Tyler, the Creator or his album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST (Deluxe). 

KG: No Role Modelz by J. Cole. 

SH: While I may be from Florida, I'm not a huge country music fan. That being said, I heard Break Up In A Small Town by Sam Hunt in a basement and it went hard.

MP ’23: Linger by the Cranberries. 

MP ’26: 1612 by Vulpeck.

OS: Anything But Me by MUNA.

EW: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. 

CW: Helium by Glass Animals. 

Dream Green Key artist?

TAA: Pitbull.

TB: Aphex Twin or John Frusciante.

KC: Annie DiRusso.

MD: Jack Johnson.

KG: J. Cole and Drake.

SH: Tame Impala.

MP ’23: Patti Smith.

MP ’26: Noah Kahan. 

OS: Addison Rae.

EW: The Head and the Heart.

CW: Rico Nasty.

Favorite spot in Hanover to go on a date? 

TAA: The stacks.

TB: The DMV. 

KC: Pine Park. 

MD: The little dungeon at the top of Sanborn.

KG: Golf course. 

SH: Mink Brook is beautiful and stargazing on the golf course is a classic.

MP ’23: The Nugget and Pine Park. 

MP ’26: Journaling date in Still North. 

OS: Robert Frost Field.

EW: I am single. 

CW: Not in Hanover, but The Baited Hook on Lake Mascoma — it's a 25 minute drive, for unexpectedly good fried seafood and a beautiful lakeside view.

Go-to Collis smoothie? 

TAA: The green one. 

TB: Coconut water, lots of bananas, blueberries, mango, pineapple and honey.

KC: Big Green. 

MD: If it doesn’t look like barf, you didn’t do it right. 

KG: Life Changer. 

SH: A Life Changer without mangos, and be sure to substitute the mangos for peaches.

MP ’23: The Day Maker with kale.

MP ’26: “The Brett” (just ask). 

OS: Lifechanger but with kale and almond milk instead of guava juice.

EW: All yellows with Kale. 

CW: Half guava juice, half almond milk, strawberries, banana, mango, greek yogurt, whey protein and cinnamon (the cinnamon is good, just trust me).

What’s in your bag/tote at the moment? 

TAA: Tissues.

TB: A Red Bull, my retainer, some raspberries and a Bret Easton Ellis book.

KC: My journal. 

MD: All the gum I allegedly stole. 

KG: Laptop, core power drink, massage gun, running shoes, shorts, moisturizer, granola bars.

SH: Some of the intricacies are: emergency friendship bracelet string, my water bottle, a singular Dove milk chocolate, Burt's Bees Lavender and Honey hand cream, Pür gum (aspartame free gum) and a tiny, handheld mirror!

MP ’23: Aquaphor and bubblegum.

MP ’26: Sunglasses, chapstick, two books, apple. 

OS: The Vegetarian by Han Kang.

EW: Schoolwork.

CW: Thesis books, a metal straw, and a manilla folder of random paper handouts.

Any embarrassing spring stories already? 

TAA: Yes. 

TB: Embarrassment evades me. 

KC: Not yet. 

MD: No, but I’m working on it. 

KG: Nope. 

SH: Not yet, but I am gearing up for a very silly spring. Funny stories are what it is all about.

MP ’23: Going to Foco in my bathrobe. 

MP ’26: I twisted my ankle twice in one day. 

OS: Embarrassment is a mindset.

EW: Not yet –– thank god. 

CW: I fell off my bike right in front of my house — I don't think anyone saw but it still hurt a little on the inside.