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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Mirror Asks: New Writers Edition

Meet the fresh faces of Mirror this fall.

mirror asks 2.jpg

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

Batuhan Saridede ’26: Fall foliage; I assume the campus would make for beautiful pictures during fall foliage.
Grace Beilstein ’26: Fun outing club trips, playing club lacrosse (and trying water polo LOL), time with new friends!

Emily Wadlow ’26: Meeting new people and trying new activities

Kaija Celestin ’25: Enjoying the scenery and fall weather

Zeynep Bayirtepe ’26: Grounding myself by finding my space and people! 

Tyler Amell-Angst ’26: Finding my place and developing a more steady schedule

Katherine Bramante ’26: Pretty fall leaves

What class are you most excited about?

BS: WGSS 10, “Sex, Gender, and Society”
GB: LING 1, “Introductory Linguistics” (shoutout Prof. Stanford)

EW: REL 20.02, “Classic Works in the Study of Religion”

KC: MUS 18.01, “Hip-Hop in the US”

ZB: ENGL 34, “From ‘Anna Christie’ to ‘Hamilton’ (and Donald Trump): Modern American Drama”

TA: The HUM 1, “Dialogues with the Classics” and HUM 2, “The Modern Labyrinth”  curricula look great and my small bio class right now has been really interesting.

KB: ITAL 1, “Introductory Italian I”

Fall snow: yay or nay?

BS: Yay!
GB: Nay — fall is for warm pumpkin vibes

EW: Yay

KC: Nay

ZB: Yay! I’m scared but very excited.

TA: Yay

KB: Yay!

Fall flavor showdown: maple or apple?

BS: Maple >>>
GB: Def apple

EW: Apple

KC: Maple

ZB: Apple all the way. A very necessary honorable mention to cinnamon.

TA: Apple

KB: Apple

What's at the top of your Fall term bucket list?

BS: Getting used to N.H. weather (it rarely goes below 40 degrees in Istanbul)
GB: Getting out on the Connecticut for a canoe paddle before it's too cold

EW: Pretty fall hike with pretty leaves

KC: Join some new clubs

ZB: Drinking coffee everywhere in and around the campus so that I know where to go for my different caffeination needs

TA: Go the gym

What's the most disorienting part of Dartmouth so far?

BS: Being seven time zones away from home; shifting realities to balance my life at Dartmouth and stay in contact with family back home
GB: That everyone’s on a different schedule and the week goes by so quickly

EW: DBA and meal swipes

KC: How fast the terms are

ZB: 10-week terms! So fast

TA: The lack of late night food availability

KB: A lot more work than I thought there would be

What has made it feel the most like home?

BS: Wearing the hoodie my older sister let me borrow to bring to Dartmouth (honorable mention: jamming to 2000’s Turkish pop in my dorm room)
GB: How peaceful and quiet everywhere is and recognizing so many people just walking around

EW: Reading in the library

KC: All the friendly people I’ve met 

ZB: The moment I stepped foot onto campus, someone yelled at me “I love your glasses! You’ll love it here.” Ever since, be it yelling across the Green they like my outfit or complimenting my accent, strangers of Dartmouth welcomed me like long-term friends.

TA: Friends

KB: Finding nice friends