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The Dartmouth
February 26, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editor’s Note

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We’re at the end of sophomore summer — finals are approaching, off-terms are inching ever closer and the ’24s are about to be thrown into flux due to the fragmented nature of the D-plan. There are friends who I won’t see until March. Change is in the air.

This week, Mirror looks back at the chaotic yet fulfilling nature of the summer term. From diving into feelings of nostalgia to reflecting on how a Dartmouth tradition has changed the way that we treat ourselves, Mirror writers contextualize how they have changed and continue to change. We also spotlight the director of the jewelry studio, who speaks to some of these changes from the comfort of the Hop basement.

Personally, this summer has been a wild ride — I’ve performed in every campus band this summer, sung in an a cappella group, met a lot of cool new people and even edited this paper. I’ve done way less and way more than I thought I would. And I think that’s the way this summer was meant to go.