Dartmouth offers admission to 1,767 applicants to the Class of 2026

The acceptance rate of 6.24% represents a slight increase from last year’s 6.17%

by The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 3/31/22 9:41pm

by Hannah Li / The Dartmouth

Dartmouth offered admission to 1,767 applicants — 1,207 of whom were admitted during the regular decision process — to the Class of 2026 from a pool of 28,336 applications, according to an announcement from the admissions office on Thursday evening. The acceptance rate of 6.24% is among the lowest in the College’s history. 

According to the College’s announcement, this year’s applicant pool contained 21 fewer students than  last year’s record pool, which marked a 33% increase from previous years. 

63% of admitted students applied for need-based financial aid, with an average projected scholarship of $61,000. Additionally, 19% of the U.S. citizens and permanent residents admitted qualify for Pell Grants — a federal program for students whose families demonstrate exceptional need. Both statistics represent record highs for the College.

Some 57% of admitted students live in the southern and western United States, with the most admitted applicants hailing from California. 53% of the admitted U.S. citizens and permanent residents are students of color, and 17% are first-generation college applicants. 

The 1,207 students admitted on Thursday join 560 others who had already been accepted in December through the College’s early admissions process and through the Questbridge program. 

15% of the class of 2026 are international students. This follows the College announcing an expansion of the need-blind admissions policy to include international students in January. 

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