Editors' Note

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 11/3/21 2:00am

by Zooriel Tan / The Dartmouth

Well, it looks like spooky season hasn’t passed us by just yet. Halloween decorations that have overstayed their welcome linger ominously in front yards, the stress of finals lurks around the corner and — perhaps scariest of all — the end of fall term is approaching dangerously quickly. For some seniors, this will be the last New England fall they experience at Dartmouth. Just the thought of an October without fresh apple cider donuts and peak foliage is enough to spook even the most fear-loving among us. 

This week at Mirror, we ask Dartmouth students what they’re afraid of and explore ways to combat seasonal affective disorder as winter rapidly approaches. One writer spotlights Tabard’s termly lingerie show, and another follows up on Dartmouth’s promised mental health policy updates. Lastly, we rank the alternative study spaces on campus — people who study in bed, this one’s for you. 

Somehow the end of the term always comes with chaos. But chaos often yields the most interesting stories — we hope these stories don’t spook you too much. 

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