Editors' Note

As Mirror welcomes the official start of fall, our writers investigate campus culture, traditions, identity-based housing and more.

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 9/22/21 2:00am

by Alexandra Ma / The Dartmouth Staff

It’s that time of the year again: When the sticky summer nights fade into brisk autumn mornings, and we trade our Saturday morning paddleboarding for apple picking. And this year, the leaves aren’t the only thing changing. From first-year students navigating campus for the very first time to upperclassmen returning to a slightly unfamiliar College, all of us are grappling with changing perspectives.

This week at Mirror, we investigate how identity-based housing fosters a sense of community and how our work hard, play hard campus culture leaves students with little alone time. We sit down with government professor Jason Lyall to discuss the current crisis in Afghanistan, and one writer from the Class of 2024 reflects on how the start of a near-normal term has only highlighted what she missed out on last year. 

Despite how different Dartmouth may feel for most of us, there are some things that never change — the beauty of Baker tower at sunset, the inevitable long lines in Collis after 10As, the meaningful after-class chats with professors and serendipitous encounters with old friends. We hope this issue serves as a reminder of the things we love about campus that are here to stay. 

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