Editors' Note

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 4/7/21 2:00am

by Annie Qiu / The Dartmouth

As they say, spring has sprung. Near campus, April showers are in full swing, promising a lush and flowerful May. The crisp New England breeze is cut by the warm sunshine, and students are flocking to the Green. While many of us have settled into our new homes, be they on campus or nearby in the Upper Valley, some have returned back to old ones. The sudden start of a new term always catches us by surprise, but as we have done time and time again, we will eventually catch up on that little assignment that got away — don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

This week at Mirror, we ask professors about their experiences with Zoom, and they share with us their anecdotes and advice. We speak with ’21s about their hopes and expectations for their last term at Dartmouth and shed light on how the College compares to other colleges in its COVID-19 regulations. 

So whether you’re approaching the pre-midterm crunch or your classes haven’t quite picked up yet, we would all do well to take a second for ourselves and step outside. Collis patio may be packed with students donning masks, but it is still reminiscent of pre-COVID spring rituals. And, as Americans are rapidly receiving vaccinations, “going back to normal” doesn’t seem like a lofty, distant dream anymore. Who knows — we might even come to miss the masks! Eh, on second thought...