Editors' Note

by Elizabeth Janowski and Sarah Alpert | 6/28/19 2:00am

by Elizabeth Janowski / The Dartmouth

The term we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Since we arrived at Dartmouth — or even before, during tours or information sessions — upperclassmen and alumni told us that sophomore summer would be the best 10 weeks of our college experience. Expectations are high as we text home to convince our high school friends that summer school is a blessing, not a curse. But if two years at Dartmouth have taught us anything, it’s that 10 weeks fly by in an instant. How can we make each moment last, knowing that in two short months the Class of 2021 will disperse to foreign study destinations and internships around the country? 

In the first Mirror of the summer, we ask The Dartmouth Staff about their hopes for the upcoming term and their favorite ways to cherish the lovely summer weather. We explore ways to enjoy the Upper Valley and the region beyond, from attending music festivals to picking fresh strawberries. And finally, we take a peek at a recent Hopkins Center film screening from the SHIFT festival, just one of many exciting events that are happening on campus this term.

So as you head down to the river for a Friday afternoon swim, grab an issue and check out what your classmates recommend. Hanover might seem small, but with an open mind (and a friend with a car) the possibilities are endless. Try something that terrifies you, explore a new farmer’s market and get out in the sun every day. Make this the best term yet, because you deserve it.